Hobby Lobby No Way Supreme Court

Birth-control-rights for women

Separation of church and state
The Supreme Court should rule against Hobby Lobby and other business owners who claim religious freedom from providing birth control for their female employees in their health care packages.
This is just another form of discrimination. If the Supreme Court allows business owners to choose what laws they don’t agree with, what comes next?


illegal immigrants need bipartisanship


Find a middle groundWe have an incredible opportunity right now to make our immigration system better. Let’s not let it go to waste. If Congress will just stop bickering and fighting, there’s no doubt we can find a solution for everyone’s concerns.

We could allocate funds toward increasing border security in order to limit the number of immigrants who are coming over illegally. We can expand the number of visas available each year, to accommodate the large number of highly skilled workers who want to stay here and work legally....READ MORE

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Armed and Dangerous Florida

gun-sexy girl

Welcome to the “Gunshine State,” where our National Rifle Association-approved laws empower us to shoot you dead for texting, playing loud music, wearing a hoodie or, perhaps, any other innocent daily activity that may annoy us. Seems all we have to do is claim that we felt threatened, and we can shoot just about anybody we want. We can even provoke the argument and shoot you dead if you complain or fight back. Then it’s our word against yours. Of course, you’re dead and can’t tell your side of the story, but we Floridians trust our gun-addled legal system to protect our right to shoot first and explain later.

Might pretty much makes right here — so all of you tourists, conventioneers or anybody visiting Florida for any reason, be very careful not to anger us. Read More

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States Hijacked By GOP-Tea Party

Hijacking the public agendaRepublican/tea party members know they can’t win a national election, so they are going to focus on city, country and state elections.

Let’s start close to home. Ormond Beach is fighting over fluoride in the drinking water, something I thought was settled years ago. Volusia County schools fought about the history books used in the public schools. The state Republicans have keep about 300,000 people from getting Medicaid even if the U.S. government pays 100 percent of the cost the first three years and 90 percent thereafter. The Republicans have cut taxes on businesses every year but can’t find the money for health care.

South Dakota is trying to shut down the one and only abortion clinic, even as abortion is legal in the United States. Kansas is trying to pass a law a law (and you’re not going to believe this one) that any person, public or private, can refuse service to anyone they believe does not follow their religious beliefs.

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Stop Self Serve Gas!

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