Obamacare makes us safer from Ebola

Ebola scare highlights risk of no insuranceIn Texas, a man was diagnosed with Ebola after two visits to the emergency room with what was initially thought to be the flu.Twenty-two percent of Texans and 20 percent of Floridians do not have health insurance. Let's speculate on what might happen if just one uninsured person were to contract Ebola and, thinking he had just the flu, decided to wait it out. Let's also assume that he works in the hospitality or restaurant industry and has no paid sick leave, and he can't afford to miss a day's pay.How many people might be infected before it is discovered that he has a serious, deadly and contagious illness?


President Obama Thank You For Doing Your Job

Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Thank You Mr. President!

Why is it that people can’t see all the good President Obama has done for America?

Is it because we have a Republican- controlled House of Representatives which from the day Obama was elected vowed to not work with him on anything? People need to understand that more than any time in history this Republican Party has used the super majority rule to block bills from getting passed in Washington

Native Americans “ethnic cleansing” and forced exile

Chief Sitting Bull
Chief Sitting Bull (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Israel is defending itself

What do you think the United States would do if thousands of missiles coming from Mexico or Canada rained down upon Americans? Americans who live on land we did not get peacefully, or in many cases, ethically and honestly? Much of our country has been deplorably stolen from Native Americans, whom we subjected to “ethnic cleansing” and forced exile. If these former occupants were to mobilize against us, would we dutifully return our homes, businesses and the land which our ancestors stole, and hope the missiles would stop? My guess is that we would blow these enemies to high heaven.


The GOP is hard to get along with.

GOP (Photo credit: seasidepost)

Bashing the presidentWhy all the Obama bashing?It seems to me things are going pretty good now. The stock market is at a record high, unemployment is near 6 percent, housing sales and new homes are on the rise, construction of all types is going on, roads and infrastructure are being updated, health insurance is available to anyone who wants it (and affordable).

I do not know if President Barack Obama is responsible for all of the positive things listed above, but if these areas were not doing well, you can bet the GOP would be blaming the president.


Rick Scott as a governor, he will be rated among the worst.

Governor_rick Scott_florida

Business and public good are sometimes incompatible

Government is about essential services; business is about profit. Business types have no “business” running government. That is the purview of elected officials.Government’s focus should be on solving problems, not on available dollars. The challenge is to find the resources, not cut the programs. It’s a different way of thinking and the best example of a failed businessman-politician is Florida’s Gov. Rick Scott.By “hook or crook,” he has become a very successful businessman. But as a governor, he will be rated among the worst.


Do you think your religious rights are being taken away?

The Intersection of Church and State
The Intersection of Church and State (Photo credit: Wyoming_Jackrabbit)
Some ‘rights’ trample others

In the First Amendment to the Constitution, you will find the “Establishment Clause.” It prohibits the government from passing any laws that imply an establishment of religion.
Since the 1880s, the government has violated the Establishment Clause through numerous polices that involve religion. Among them:
“In God we trust” on our money.
“Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance.
Prayer in schools and government meetings.
Refusing to provide service to the public on religious grounds.
Bans on gay marriage.
Anti-abortion laws.


Weapons Control In America

The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Sov...
The AK-47 was first adopted in 1949 by the Soviet Army. It fires the 7.62x39mm M43 round. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Regulate deadliest weapons
There is something very bad happening in this country: The gun debate has gone cold, despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans support common-sense measures to reduce gun violence. Gun owners, aided by the National Rifle Association, have successfully fought the Obama administration’s legislation, even though polls show broad support for tougher gun laws.
There was a time when the NRA did not object to fair gun laws. What has happened? Some ill-advised people have secured assault rifles because our armed forces use them, and now the NRA backs no restrictions and apparently does not care if mentally deranged people kill as many as possible. Our officials owe it to their constituents to make assault rifles with extended clips illegal. If our present legislators can’t do the job, let’s get some who can. For example, two Colorado legislators who backed new gun restrictions were recalled due to the NRA. Gun-control supporters have failed to win any new supporters in the Senate and those already there are afraid of losing their jobs. These are hypocrites who put themselves before their responsibility to protect constituents.
When carnage in this country becomes acceptable, death becomes routine. When this happens, we lose more than lives. We lose some essential element of our very humanity. Georgia seems to have reached the pinnacle of American insanity. It recently enacted a law allowing guns in churches, school zones, bars, government buildings, even parts of airports.
When are we going to put public safety above pleasure? In 2010, there were 11,000 gun homicides and 71,500 emergency room admissions for gun injuries in the U.S. This is a horrific toll. These statistics never end and they never lie. With elections coming up, do your homework. Vote only for those legislators who want to save lives instead of saving their jobs.


Obama Suit Foul Play

John Boehner
John Boehner (Photo credit: Keith Allison)

Boehner suit against Obama just foul playThe media and social networks are reporting that House Speaker John Boehner will sue President Obama for "not faithfully executing the laws."

The bottom line appears to be the president's alleged misuse of executive orders and actions that the GOP finds "abusive" and outside constitutional parameters.
I believe that it is fair and legitimate for Republicans to have aspirations to regain the Oval Office. What is not fair is that an institution as key in U.S. democracy as the GOP is resorting to desperate moves and foul play to try to discredit the Obama administration and the Democratic Party. It is a clear move to position itself for the next presidential election.
To sue a U.S. president — even to think about it — for the "crime" of doing his job, being presidential and getting things done in spite of all the barriers and obstacles that Republicans have tried to use to prevent him from being successful is unprecedented.

I hope the American people see through what Boehner and company are trying to do and reject their unethical behavior.

By: Patricia Maldonado