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Billions from Social Security Need To Be Returned

reverendwg - 11:09 AM

nest egg-450 x 301-jpeg

Government for the wealthy
If the American people would fight for their rights instead of fighting each other, the government would not keep stealing from them to funnel the wealth upward as they have been doing. Misleading statements about the Social Security trust fund being depleted have been perpetuated as a way to get us to allow private investors to gamble with our money, a dream of the right wing. Government agencies have also “borrowed” billions from the Social Security fund and have not been made to return it.
They want to use our money for other purposes. Perhaps instead of trillions going to wars all over the globe, some money can be spent on the majority of American citizens, rather than continuing to make cuts to all of our services.
Also, the government never put the taxes of the rich back to where they were before Ronald Reagan cut them, but instead continued to give the rich tax breaks for which we, the middle class, end up paying. In some states, pensions that people have worked for their entire lives are being cut or are lost, yet the tax breaks for the billionaires continue. We all need to direct our assertiveness to the elected officials instead of being aggressive to one another. The elected officials are supposed to represent the majority, not just the 1 percent, but they don’t.
By: Joanne Swanson

Taxing Sin in Florida Oh No!

reverendwg - 11:09 PM

Well guys better ask your boss for a raise. It seems the bright minds in power want to have you pay a surcharge before you enter a strip club.
Yes that's right Thinking heads in Tallahassee, Florida what you to pay before you watch. You'd think they would be happy with all those dollars going into those g-strings. It keeps people off unemployment lines right?
They also would charge extra at adult theaters and roll your own smoke shops. Hey Tallahassee give us a break!
free thinker post

Prostitution Sting Cost Police Chief His Job

reverendwg - 9:46 AM
Hot Babe prostitute sexy mini white dress

It seems the police chief in Miami Gardens, Florida should know better and have better information on sting operations.
Chief Stephen Johnson blames the stress of his job for responding to an ad for escorts on the website Johnson arranged for a 30 minute get together with two women at a Dania Beach Hotel.
According to the arrest report once the chief handed over $100 bucks to the two detectives posing as prostitutes he was arrested by Broward County Sheriff Officers.

Don't you think it's time to make Prostitution legal in the United States?
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Rowdy Cheap College Spring Break Hot Spot

reverendwg - 9:32 AM
sexy spring break bikini babe dancing

You want a place to go that's cheap for college spring break in the U.S.? Well Daytona Beach, Daytona Beach Florida just won the #1 slot in America by this weeks U.S. News and World Report. That's right for cheap college spring breaks Daytona beat out other getaway places like South Padre Island in Texas, Puerto Rico and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.
Dayton Beach isn't thrilled with the ranking. Maybe just maybe if the Daytona area cleaned up it biker bars and race track image it wouldn't come off looking so cheap!
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U.S. politicians calling Obama’s strategy weak on Isis

reverendwg - 7:59 AM
Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer
Pete Souza, Official White House Photographer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Don’t overreact to ISIS
Several recent letters have slammed President Obama’s approach in dealing with ISIS. These editorials parrot the hawkish U.S. politicians calling Obama’s strategy weak and ineffectual.
First, these critics offer no other plan other than sending in brave U.S. men and women to risk their lives, and spending billions of taxpayer dollars to solve a problem that can only be solved by those living in the region. ISIS is the most extreme and intolerant form of Islam on the planet. Its philosophy is so extreme that anyone who does not conform should die. This philosophy is so extreme that it has alienated almost every other Muslim in the region and has threatened the ruling Islamic leaderships of those countries.
Obama’s strategy of putting together a coalition of regional Muslim countries when their survival is at stake is the best way to defeat ISIS. Local Muslims have the most to lose. The king of Jordan summed it up best when he said, “This is our war.”
The ISIS philosophy is too extreme to survive. The best way to contribute to this war is to continue to bomb identifiable targets and work with indigenous forces to route out these cowardly thugs until they are totally destroyed. Putting a large number of American troops on the ground will give ISIS another recruiting tool.
We must be careful not to overreact to this threat and keep terrorism in perspective. For instance, there are more Americans killed during any summer on the south side of Chicago than Americans killed by terrorists since 9/11.
By: Ron Mengarelli

Up skirt video shot by tourist

reverendwg - 4:42 PM
English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette....
English: Digital photo taken by Marc Averette. A typical winter day on South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
An Italian tourist must of had the Miami Blues after getting caught videoing up a woman's skirt.
The woman noticed when she was in the checkout line at Whole Foods in South Beach that a man had placed and iPhone in a basket. The basket was placed so it could shoot video up her skirt.
After the woman told an off duty police officer they found the video on the phone and charged Filippo Florentini with video voyeurism.
Well after all the old TV show was called Miami Vice right?

More Good News For The American Worker

reverendwg - 10:46 AM

Store Front TJ Maxx

Well it didn't take long after Walmart announced it would raise the pay for its store employees.
Now TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Home Goods store are jumping on the band wagon.TJX Co. says it will boost pay for its U.S. workers to at least $9.00 per hour. The increase should be seen by there employees starting in June.
In 2016 the company plans to raise the pay of associates who have worked for the stores more than six months to at least $10.00 per hour.
Way to go guys!

President chastise for not being firm against ISIS

reverendwg - 7:35 AM
English: Saudi Arabia
English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Obama exercises restraint
A Feb. 14 letter writer chastised the president for not taking firmer steps against ISIS, not calling them “Islamic terrorists” and for attributing many of world’s problems to the U.S. (“Get serious about ISIS”).
I’m glad to see a president exercise a bit of caution and not blunder into expensive and ineffectual wars. Strong sanctions inflict more damage and put more pressure on renegade countries than a few bombs dropped where we think the enemy’s located. Just what did the Iraq wars accomplish? No trained Iraqi army emerged. Our soldiers were killed and maimed, our treasury depleted; Halliburton was the only real winner.
The writer says the president makes us highly vulnerable by not calling ISIS Islamic terrorists. With all the rabid anti-Obama critics out there, we don’t have to worry about labeling them Islamic, or terrorists. Fox News takes care of that. Besides, a rose by any other name…
The writer asks if the president wants to destroy our country by believing the world’s problems are America’s fault. Well, many are! Denying problems we’ve created is one reason people don’t trust us, even hate us. We’ve plundered natural resources by installing puppet rulers, deposed and killed others, from Afghanistan to Vietnam, Chile to Guatemala, Mexico to, yes, Iran. With British partners we overthrew the legitimate government and put the Shah in power, ushering in a 35-year reign of terror and cheap oil. There were similar deals in Iraq and Saudi Arabia.
Sun Tzu, in “The Art of War,” says to know your enemy. Maybe it’s time to do this. Look at reasons for anger towards the U.S. — and quit sticking our heads in the sand and denying any wrongdoing.
By: Tom Vickers

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